At YTI Charter we provide high-end travel options for a wide variety of events. Don't quite see what you're after below? Get in contact with us to discuss your specific travel needs.

Charter Bus Service vs Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle Bus Service
Charter bus vs shuttle bus

It doesn’t matter what kind of trip you are planning, Yti Charter will solve all your transportation problems. Schedule a shuttle bus service for a trip fit for a local meeting or a comfortable charter bus for your next family get-together. Whatever the case, we will help you enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free trip while travelling.

What We Can Provide

At Yti Charter, we believe everyone should have access to safe, reliable and affordable group transportation. with our wide range of vehicles, we offer private transport for everyone from business trips to corporate events and more!

Charter Bus Service

No matter the size of the group or the duration of your trip Yti Charter’s comfortable and reliable charter bus will take you to your destination! Charter buses are more luxurious than other modes of transportation. It is considered for group travel. Instead of spending hours driving a rental car or personal car our bus rental Toronto service give you the opportunity to have a well-deserved rest during your travels. Take a nap or enjoy some quality time with your fellow travellers with the peace of mind of one of our experienced and licensed drivers behind the wheel!

Shuttle Bus Service

Whether you’re sending employees to a business meeting or taking students on a field trip to a local event, Yti Charter offers convenient transportation options. We understand that if you hire a shuttle bus service your group can operate on a schedule. Our professional drivers know the best travel routes and will get you to your destination on time and safely.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some companies in Toronto charge extra after renting buses. There is nothing worse than being charged extra after paying the original price. If you shuttle bus from Yti Charter, we do not charge our customers additional and hidden charges. We provide all luxury buses at affordable prices. You can get a free Quote by visiting our website.

How Reliable are We?

Yti Charter is proud to know that we provide the most comprehensive and reliable charter. And shuttle bus service in Toronto. Well-trained professional drivers world-class charter buses and thorough hygiene practices – we do our best to ensure you get the best service when you travel with us!

Our Special Trip Prices


  • 4 Hours
  • Up to 10 Persons
  • Decoration
  • Catering


  • 6 Hours
  • Up to 20 Persons
  • Decoration
  • Catering


  • 10 Hours
  • Up to 50 Persons
  • Decoration
  • Catering


  • 20 Hours
  • Up to 100 Persons
  • Decoration
  • Catering