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Top 7 Questions About Charter Bus Rentals

Charter bus travel is the best and full of fun. Booking can be a bit difficult for you but Yti Charter bus rentals has made it easy for you. We made this process for our customers enjoyable and educational. If you’ve never heard of or rented a charter bus before, you may have several questions. Let us answer all the questions you need to know about renting a bus in Toronto.

What is a Charter Bus?

The charter bus is a specialized mode of transportation reserved for accompanying a medium to a large group of people on a trip. There are five main reasons why people choose to travel by charter bus. These are comfort, safety, affordability, luxury and environment friendly.

How many people can Travel on Charter Bus?

A full-size charter bus can carry about 35 to 60 passengers and a minibus can carry about 12 to 35 people.

Is charter bus travel safe?

You can feel good about renting a bus in Toronto. The Yti Charter bus rentals company is known for its cleanliness and safety. In the coronavirus outbreak, we increased strict cleaning measures to ensure the safety of passengers. Travellers can help reduce their risk by following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control.

Passenger safety is our number one goal. Dangerous chemicals, explosives, weapons or flammable materials are prohibited on the charter bus. Your charter bus operator will be happy to draft a contraband policy. So ask specific questions to determine if a particular item is allowed or not. The Yti charter also has a strict no-smoking policy. Travelling on a charter bus is safe as it is operated only by licensed and experienced drivers.

Are Chartered Buses Safe from The Coronavirus?

Chartered buses have a similar environment to group quarantines. Instead of more people getting off the bus, This represents the same group of people throughout the journey. To ensure a safe journey, you can have your group tested or screened for illness before you leave. All surfaces can be cleaned before boarding and at each stop. When working with Yti Charter, you can follow Covid guidelines and request additional screening and cleaning as needed.

How Far Can a Charter Bus Trip Go?

Most charter bus rental companies are licensed to travel anywhere in Canada. This means you can travel anywhere in Canada. You can hire the bus for as long as you want if you plan far enough in advance.

How Much Will It Cost to Rent the Charter Bus?

Each charter bus rental has a different price. The biggest factor in this is the size of the bus and how long you need it for. The price may increase due to a new coach or modern facilities in it. It also depends on fuel consumption. You can also check the price quotes of Yti Charter.

How Soon Do You Need to Book in Advance?

When you know the date you want to travel You should book a bus in advance. Most companies with large fleets can sell during certain seasons. If you want to book for a big trip i.e. Christmas, yti Charter will advise you to book 2 to 6 months in advance. You can get discounts by booking early.

Are Eating and Drinking Allowed on The Bus?

Most charter companies allow food and drink. This includes alcoholic beverages for adult passengers. Food and beverage guidelines are set by charter groups. Passengers must clean the back and use the trash can. Some companies require a refundable deposit when alcohol is served on the bus. Additionally, any spills or litter left behind by your party will incur a cleaning fee. Most buses have garbage bins in front of them, but it’s a good idea to bring garbage bags if there haven’t any.

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