At YTI Charter we provide high-end travel options for a wide variety of events. Don’t quite see what you’re after below? Get in contact with us to discuss your specific travel needs.

Shuttle Bus Rental Service by Yti Charter

Whenever you want to get around Toronto and you are not responsible for driving, know that Yti Charter provides the best service that can help you. Whenever you want to go somewhere with your employees or travel with a large group, our shuttle bus rental service will take you where you want to go. You can roam anywhere you want. We are confident that all of your Toronto needs will be met during your trip. Contact us at +1 888-488-3984 and find out what we offer and how we serve people like you. You can also visit our Yti Charter website for a detailed quote from anywhere in Canada.

Why Do You Need Help?

Maybe you wanted to travel in your car and later thought you couldn’t handle it. If you are visiting as a tourist and don’t know about new places like parking and routes etc. So you don’t worry about the parking space and the best driving route during your journey. Or you want to take your staff yourself, all these things can disturb you during the trip. Travel assistance is available for you. And you don’t have to feel bad contacting the best bus rent company to get you around the city. Here are some reasons why you need bus rental Toronto service.

  1. You can travel without any stress. 
  2. You are freed from the hassle of driving.
  3. You don’t need to know about routes.
  4. You don’t need to know about parking places.

Why Choose Yti Charter

There are many transportation companies are operating in Toronto, we stand above the bus rental companies. It doesn’t matter how big a group you want to travel. We will take care of all your transportation needs in Toronto. We provide different types of rental services like bus rental Toronto, charter bus Toronto, shuttle bus rental Toronto and coach Canada b There are reasons for you to contact us for Toronto transportation needs. Some of them are as follows. 

  1. We will provide transportation services for all your group sizes.
  2. Our staff is very friendly and cooperative which will make your memorable.
  3. We provide rental services at affordable prices you don’t need to spend a ton to get around Toronto.
  4. We provide different types of bus rental Toronto services you get detailed Quotes by visiting our website.

Our Vehicles are Clean

Whatever type of bus rental you want in Toronto, we can provide you with clean vehicles. Our vehicles are properly cleaned and disinfected. By travelling with us you can avoid diseases. We pay full attention to cleanliness and sanitisation when it comes to our bus rental services like coach buses, charter buses, shuttle buses and coach Canada buses.


Whenever you think about group travelling, the first thing that comes to your mind is safety. Arriving safely at your destination is our first goal. If you travel with us, we will get you to your destination safely. Our all staff is trained and expert. Our driving staff are licensed and know all the driving rules. You can travel with us without any hassle. 

We are Focused on Serving You

You are expected to feel special when you hire a charter bus. When your friends get on our charter bus they will feel special. Our goal is to serve you when you spend time in Toronto. Whether you charter a bus through us or ask someone to use a charter bus, our Yti Charter team will help you feel comfortable and special. We will make your trip memorable.

You can Go Anywhere in Canada

If you need a charter bus or shuttle bus that you can use to get around in Toronto, Canada, contact our team. If you want to take company staff somewhere or go somewhere with friends, call us now at +1 888-488-3984 for further information.

Rides Of All Kinds

Birthday Parties
4 Hours
Up to 10 Persons
Family Celebrations
6 Hours
Up to 20 Persons
Weddings Celebrations
10 Hours
Up to 50 Persons
Corporate Events
4 Hours
Up to 10 Persons